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Version: 1.0 Release Date: 20 August 2014

Offer your current responsive Joomla, Wordpress or bootstrap website in the APP stores to your clients without extra coding!! This phonegap package will give you a port view (a.k.a. "InAppBrowser") APP you can publish in the iOS, Android and Windows Phone store. It's made with jquery/html5 Phonegap framework which gives you the advantage of only needing 1 package for all devices.

So what can i do with this?
We can imagine two scenarios:

  • You have an optimized responsive website and want to offer your visitors an app they can download and install from the app stores onto their smartphones to view that website.
  • You have an APP functioning as a web-APP, installed on your own server. Because we have a InAppbrowser only this method is handy for easy updating of your app; you do not need to re-upload a new version every time into the app stores.

In both ways, our 'browser only' phonegap package is a CHEAP solution to offer your visitors a real APP. 

This is a 'do it yourself' package. We offer hourly support packages here if you need assistance.


What do you need to configure/code in the package?
Just 3 easy line of code pointing to your responsive website URL; please change:

  • In config.xml:
    Change "access origin" tag to your domain
    Change "widget id" to your own unique Bundle ID
    Change "Languages" to set (possible) Language strings for Windows Phone
  • In /js/config.js
    Change the domain name with the same as set in "access origin"

What about my icons & splashscreens?
Yes, you need to create them yourself and put them in the package /res/ folder.

After creation, make sure that the paths set in config.xml are correct (do not change the values in xml file, change the image names).

What do i have to do to put my new created phonegap apps in the iOS and Anrdoid stores?

  1. You will need a phonegap account. Register here. (free)
  2. optional :: Create an Google Play store account. Register here (€25,- p/y)*
  3. optional :: Create an iOS account. Register here (€80,- p/y)*
  4. optional :: Create Windows Phone account. Register here (€25,-)*
  5. Setup Android app certificates. Info here / For windows
  6. Setup iOS app certificates. Info here / For windows

Steps to build your app

  1. Use any editor to change the files mentioned above and create .zip
  2. In phonegap build -> upload created .zip package
  3. Select & unlock certificates with your passwords
  4. Build your app & download
  5. Submit into the different stores

Sale includes:

  • GNU/GPL v.3 license
  • 1 year of updates

Offcourse, we are happy to assist you with different design, certificates, licensing or submitting your apps into the app stores based on our hourly support packages**. For general questions use out forum or contact us at

* We are offering our store subscriptions to publish your apps for just 20% of the (yearly) price.
** This is a 'do it yourself' package. We offer hourly support packages here if you need assistance.

## 12-2013
Initial release

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