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Version: 1.0 Release Date: 20 August 2014

Offer your current responsive Joomla, Wordpress or bootstrap website in the APP stores to your clients without extra coding!! This phonegap package will give you a port view (a.k.a. "InAppBrowser") APP you can publish in the iOS and Android store. It's made with jquery/html5 Phonegap framework which gives you the advantage of only needing 1 package for all devices.

So what can i do with this?
We can imagine two scenarios:

  • You have an optimized responsive website and want to offer your visitors an app they can download and install from the app stores onto their smartphones to view that website.
  • You have an APP functioning as a web-APP, installed on your own server. Because we have a InAppbrowser only this method is handy for easy updating of your app; you do not need to re-upload a new version every time into the app stores.

In both ways, our 'browser only' phonegap package is a CHEAP solution to offer your visitors a real APP. 

This is a 'do it yourself' package. We offer hourly support packages here if you need assistance.


What do you need to configure/code in the package?
Just 3 easy line of code pointing to your responsive website URL; please change:

  • In config.xml:
    Change "access origin" tag to your domain
    Change "widget id" to your own unique Bundle ID
    Change "Languages" to set (possible) Language strings for Windows Phone
  • In /js/config.js
    Change the domain name with the same as set in "access origin"

What about my icons & splashscreens?
Yes, you need to create them yourself and put them in the package /res/ folder.

After creation, make sure that the paths set in config.xml are correct (do not change the values in xml file, change the image names).

What do i have to do to put my new created phonegap apps in the iOS and Anrdoid stores?

  1. You will need a phonegap account. Register here. (free)
  2. Create an Google Play store account. Register here (€25,- p/y)*
  3. Create an iOS account. Register here (€80,- p/y)*
  4. optional :: Create Windows Phone account. Register here (€25,-) (app need modifications for Windows store)
  5. Setup Android app certificates. Info here / For windows
  6. Setup iOS app certificates. Info here / For windows

Steps to build your app

  1. Use any editor to change the files mentioned above and create .zip
  2. In phonegap build -> upload created .zip package
  3. Select & unlock certificates with your passwords
  4. Build your app & download
  5. Submit into the different stores

Sale includes:

  • GNU/GPL v.3 license
  • 1 year of updates

APPs using this solution

Offcourse, we are happy to assist you with different design, certificates, licensing or submitting your apps into the app stores based on our hourly support packages**. For general questions use out forum or contact us at

* We are offering our store subscriptions to publish your apps for just 20% of the (yearly) price.
** This is a 'do it yourself' package. We offer hourly support packages here if you need assistance.

## 12-2013
Initial release

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