• ★★★★★ Amazingly great extension!
    The Plugin is good, easy to install and configure. The technical support is fast and friendly. Highly recommended!

  • ★★★★★ Recommended 
    Extra-Ordinary Support! I used the extension for my students to register for their classes. It works great.
  • ★★★★★ Great Additition to User Registrations 
    I had a site that needed something beyond the default user registration provided in a Joomla! install. I needed the users to register into their chosen user group.
    This plugin does it perfectly. I had a small issue that I reported to the developer, Jasper. This was fixed in no time flat! Great support. I can only summarize by saying this is a perfect addition to Joomla!
  • ★★★★★ Very handy 
    It was easy to setup and within minutes. Works well. Well done.
  • ★★★★★ Easy and effective 
    Plugin does what is says. Easy installation through background and after enabling it just works. 
    I recommend this plugin if you just want a easy way to have users in different groups.

Joomla Multi Profile

Joomla 2.5+
Joomla 3.0+

Our idea of multi profile Joomla user registration
Take advantage of the Joomla 2.5 ACL and let your members register themself into multiple pre-selected Joomla group(s). Perfect for teacher/student situations. Easy to set-up.

Why this simple plugin is a great solution?
multiprofiles-logo3Because Joomla has NO standard support of registering different users in different user groups (public/registered/author) automaticly from the frontend. 

For only € 4.95 our Joomla Multi Profiles plugin gives Joomla 2.5+ and 3.0+ the opportunity to register users direclty in a pre-selected user group upon registration and take advantage of the built in ACL rules. In Joomla you are able to create unlimited user groups and set rules of what is viewable by each group.

Lifetime support and unlimited website installs !!

Frontend features:

  • CSS styled Registration Form
    The plugin comes with pre-selected list options which appear above the standard user profile fields during the registration process. The labels and fields are customizable with CSS.
  • Members can change theirself between selected usergroups (if enabled) in the user area
  • Access Control Layer
    Because a User profile group is based on the "Access levels" of Joomla you can create unlimited ACL rules. Restrict sections / categories or articles only for particular user groups with ease.

Backend features:

  • Easy installation through Joomla installer
  • Select which usergroups to appear in frontend in different lay-outs
    With this plugin you can create unlimited Profile Types for Joomla. Multiple groups registration is possible as well!
  • Setting to allow group changes through the frontend yes/no or through the user permissions table
  • Custom redirect to any menu item when user has logged in
  • Option to enable/disable to show groups in user edit form
  • Remote update notification available when a new version is out

This is a must have plugin for every joomla 2.5 installation with user registration!


Multi User Profile Joomla

Check out it's features and read the documentation

Although we are selling the plugin under GNU/GPL v3 license you buy it "as is" with no refund policy.
Sale includes unlimited updates and lifetime usage license for all websites you have. Free support is delivered through our Forum. Client modification is not included in the price.

We (offcourse :-) try our best to keep up with the latest modifications and upgrades but we cannot be held responsible for any downtime of your website by installing our plugin or conflicts with other party software after installing this plugin.

Multiple Framework Support!
As of plugin version 1.5 support for multiple template frameworks is added. The plugin now supports all templates from:
- Warp 7+ from Yootheme (with switch for J2.5)
- T3 framework
- Gantry Rockettheme
- Vertex S5 framework
- Helix from Joomshaper
- Joomlashine (with switch for J2.5)


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