Front end User Registration (Joomla/ WordPress)

Let visitors register directly into (single/multiple) usergroups/ siteroles during the front end registration process. Password protect certain usergroups/ siteroles to make sure only those people enter. Version 3 now incl. AJAX password validation.

Think of a teacher/student or customer/supplier website in where some registered users gain other privileges, this plugin provides that functionality directly from the front end! No more back end user management needed!


Group changes

If enabled. Selected groups/ roles are able to change themselves freely within other selected usergroups/ siteroles.

Password Protect

On ‘single select’ modus groups can be protected with a password to make sure the right people signup.

Silent Groups

Automatically add base usergroups/ siteroles to registrants, making sure they can browse your website.

As this manual is for both Joomla and Wordpress. Please read usergroup as siterole and vice versa. Screenshots are taken at random per CMS.

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