Add usergroups/profiles

Both Joomla and Wordpress have the ability to add unlimited usergroups (Joomla) or siteroles (Wordpress) your users can be member of. 

Creating custom groups/ siteroles allows you to show/hide certain content from your website for different users.


How to add Joomla Usergroups

Step 1: Add a group

Navigate to:
"Backend -> Users -> Groups" and hit 'new' button


Name your group and select the parent usergroup. (selecting 'Registered' here makes the group the same level as 'Author)


Hit 'save'

Step 2: Add to ACL level

You are not finished here as Joomla uses ACL levels for modules and menu items. 

Navigate to: 
"Backend -> Users -> Access levels" and click on the ACL level you want to add the newly created group to.

"Registered" means view 
"Special" has content edit privileges

joomapp-add-to-joomla-accesslevelCheck your custom usergroup and hit 'save'.

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