Password protected access

As this manual is for both Joomla and Wordpress. Please read usergroup as siterole and vice versa. Screenshots are taken at random per CMS.

Set any password to allow entry to any user group which you set visible in the front end. A password field will appear once the group is selected.

No more back-end actions needed. Just sent out the password(s) (by email/ voucher card) to those people you want to register on your website.

This feature ONLY works when Plugin function is set to single select in:
"Backend -> Plugin parameters -> Basic configuration -> Plugin function"

Make sure you have selected the usergroups in the Basic settings:

Click on the "select" button to pop-up the panel:

The following panel appears:

1. Set a password
2. Select the usergroup accordingly
3. Add more entries

Hit "save".

Front-end functionality:

When the registrant selects the password protected usergroup an field appears below:

When the password is valid, the field becomes green and the user may continue registration


When invalid, the system generates a message


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