Silent usergroups

As this manual is for both Joomla and Wordpress. Please read usergroup as siterole and vice versa. Screenshots are taken at random per CMS.

The default usergoup setting is a VERY IMPORTANT and powerful advanced setting of our plugin.

silent-usergroupsAdding one or more 'silent' groups will basically give your users a base access level which they need browsing your website. Loosing a base level (like registered or subscriber) will lock your user out of your website. 

Each 'silent usergroup' selected here will be added every time upon usergroup switch.

Based on their extra usergroup (which they have chosen during registration) the registrant is able to browse or perform other higher level tasks, see ACL explanation.

Front end visibility

On profile view in the front-end there is an opportunity to show which usergroups the current logged in user belongs to. 


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