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Missed the general description of this software? Check it here This manual covers both WordPress and Joomla. Read “usergroup” as “siterole” and vice versa.

How to generate users in email style

Generate unique and random user accounts in a pre-defined usergroup/siterole from a list of email addresses. The system will sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided. Re-import an edited list is possible, the system will only process the new accounts.
Some main understandings:

  • Key in the .csv file is the “email” field
  • Login name & password are generated dynamically
  • Optionally use a username prefix to easily remember the batch

Download and open the example file

Example file is provided within the package installation. Download file “email-based-example.csv” after you started the wizard. For best practice use a true .csv editor like Calc from openoffice. Using MS excell will probably result in unexpecte behaviour.

Use import options: “UTF8”, “semicolon” and “comma separated”.

Prepare the .csv file, column info

Set all desired values per line or delete any columns not used and save the .csv (UTF8).

Mandatory column fields

  • email

Upload and Generate

Upload .csv file

Select the created .csv file and upload it. Now, set the below parameters as desired:

Overwrite existing users?
This setting is extremely powerful and dangerous at the same time. Use with caution and test first!

  • YES: Email address is primary key here. Users with that email address will be overwritten.
  • NO: This enables you to re-import users from the same .csv file. Existing users based on the email address will be skipped during the import process. Only for newly available email addresses accounts will be created.

Username prefix – Static part of the username, handy to create different batches for different events

Username lenght – Size of dynamical part after the prefix

Username type – How to construct the dynamical part of the username

Password lenght – Size of password

Password type – How to construct the password

Require password reset – After first login, do you want to force new users to change their password?

Select a usergroup – Select to which usergroup or siterole this batch will belong

Account enabled – Enable/ Disable account after successful import

Account activated – Activate/ De- activate account after successful import

For Joomla

Force profile edit/update

As people gain access to your website with the voucher you probably want to know who they are. Redirect them to update their profile after login. Set the redirect in the Login Form module.

Step 1: create an ‘edit profile’ menu item. Access “Admin Panel => Menus => [Menu] => Add menu item => Select” select ‘Edit User profile’ as menu item.

Step 2: Now we edit the Joomla core login module to select what happens after login. Go to: “Admin Panel => Extensions => Modules => [select active login module] => Login Redirection Page” and select the created menu item here.

Clean-up unused accounts

After some period of acceptance you can simply delete unused accounts (see Joomla “Last visit date” column field) in the Joomla Users panel to clean up your database. Go to “Admin Panel -> Users -> Manage”

For WordPress

Force profile edit/update


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