Voucher style

Missed the general description of this software? Check it here. This manual covers both WordPress and Joomla. Read "usergroup" as "siterole" and vice versa.

Voucher style creates mass users in pre-set usergroups with random email & username but static passwords.

You can download your login codes in a .csv after generation is finished and print them on a voucher card to deal out as VIP access to your website, events, festivals, parties, communities etc.

Some main understandings/ tips

  • Enter the password in plain text, the system will store it encoded
  • Use a username prefix to easily remember which event people came from

User login generation


No. of users to generate - integer number 10  / 100 etc. do not set too high for 1 batch

Username prefix - Static part of the username, handy to create different batches, dates, names etc. for different events

Username lenght - Size of dynamical part after the prefix

Username type - How to construct the dynamical part of the username

Password - Set static password for all accounts. As the username is random an easy password is possible

Require password reset - After first login, do you want to force new users to change their password? (default yes)

Select an usergroup - Set the batch usergroup/ siterole. Watch out with granting people high access levels or administrator accounts.

Account enabled - (Joomla) Enable/ Disable account after successful import

Account activated - (Joomla) activate/ de- activate account after successful import

Download users & print vouchers

Now it's time to download the newly created users and print them on anything you want. Use the built in download functionality to download all or by usergroup/ siterole and prefix selection:


Next steps


Clean-up unused voucher accounts

After some period of acceptance you can simply delete unused accounts to clean up your database.


Filter all users which have never logged in and delete.



For WordPress an additional plugin is needed to be able to filter all unused accounts. Please find one here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/last+login


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