Front end usergroup registration for Joomla

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Let visitors register directly into (single/multiple) Joomla usergroups during the front end registration process. Password protect certain Joomla usergroups to make sure only those people enter. Version 3 now incl. AJAX password validation. No more back end user management needed! Perfect for teacher/student website set-ups.

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Front end Joomla usergroup registration

Take full advantage of the Joomla ACL and let your members register themselves into (multiple) pre- selected Joomla group(s) directly from the front end. Perfect for teacher/student & employee/ manager situations. Very easy to set-up!

Usergroup changes

If enabled. Selected usergroups are able to change themselves freely within other selected usergroups.

Password protect

On ‘single select’ modus groups can be protected with a password to make sure the right people signup.

Silent groups

Automatically add base usergroups to registrants, making sure they can browse your website.

Front end features

  • Automatic integration in the registration form
  • Dropdown, multiselect or radio button selection
  • Ajax group password protection
  • Front end usergoup change by user
  • Labels and fields customizable with CSS
  • Take advantage of Joomlas Access Control Layer

Back end Featues

  • Select usergroups to appear
  • Silent usergroups, auto added as base usergroups
  • Table setting which group is allowed to change to other usergroups
  • Redirect to any menu item when user logs in
  • Enable/ disable showing groups in front end
  • Remote update notification available

Take full advantage of Joomla ACL

Because a Joomla usergroups are based on the “Access levels” you can create unlimited ACL rules. Restrict sections / categories or articles only for particular usergroup with ease.

Registrants are automatically added in the right group. Saving your time managing your website!

Multiple Framework Support!

This plugin is proven to work with all frameworks below:

  • – Vertex Framework
  • – Warp 6/7+ theme framework
  • – T3 framework (disable ja_login module)
  • – Gantry framework
  • – Helix II framework
  • – Zo2 Framework
  • – Joomlashine
  • – HD framework
  • – Gavern
  • – Expose
  • – Construct
  • – T3/Zendgrid
  • – Joomlachack
  • – Joomla XTC

NOT working with:

  • – YJSG template framework
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Support & Upgrades

We offer active support through our forum (preferred), private tickets or email. Updates will be notified through the update managers and can be downloaded in our member section (with active subscription). Client modification is not included in the price.

Sale includes:

  • Clear documentation
  • 1 Install/license per domain
  • 1 Year unlimited software updates
  • Support through our forum and tickets