Joomla Usergroup Registration Frontend

Usergroup Registration through Joomla frontend

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Our idea of multi usergroup Joomla user registration
Take full advantage of the Joomla ACL and let your members register themself into (multiple) pre-selected Joomla group(s). Perfect for teacher/student situations. Very easy to set-up!. Over 1700 plugins sold already!

Why this simple plugin is a great solution?
Because Joomla has NO standard support of registering different users in different user groups (public/registered/author) automaticly from the frontend. After installing you can take advantage of the built in ACL rules to set specific content/menu/modules for specific usergroups. Our plugin also gives the ability to let users change themselves between usergroups in the frontend.

Password protect + Silent groups
(Version 2.5+ only) Set a password needed to enter a usergroup through frontend registration. Set a “silent” usergoup in which each registrant will enter automatically regardles of the usergroup shown. This allows you to different usergroup pofiles where each usergoup has specific access to your website together with base access groups.

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Product Description

This plugin is a must have for every Joomla installation where you want usergroup registration through the front end !

Frontend features:

  • Frontend usergroup registration in dropdown or bullet list (set in backend) – create multi profiles!
  • Automatic integration in the registration form
  • Password protected usergroups; enter a password to register in specific usergroups
  • Silent usergroups which are added during registration as base usergroups
  • Frontend usergroup switch (if enabled) with ACL level
  • All labels and fields are customizable with CSS
  • Take advantage of Joomla’s Access Control Layer
    Because a User profile group is based on the “Access levels” of Joomla you can create unlimited ACL rules. Restrict sections / categories or articles only for particular user groups with ease.

Backend features:

  • Select which usergroups to appear in front-end in different lay-outs
  • Create unlimited Profile Types for Joomla.
  • Table setting to allow changing of specific groups into other groups in the frontend
  • Custom redirect to any menu item when user has logged in
  • Option to enable/disable to show groups in user edit form
  • Remote update notification available when a new version is out

2 Plugin versions

  • On request of our clients we offer two versions of the software; 1 with all functionalities as mentioned above and one “MULTI SELECT” version with a multi select field in the front end, the MULTI SELECT version does not cover all other possibilities. You can install ONLY 1 of the versions but they do have a separate update notification stream and are both supported for future updates.

Multiple Framework Support!

This plugin is proven to work with all frameworks below:

  • – Vertex Framework
  • – Warp 6/7+ theme framework support
  • – T3 framework (disable ja_login module)
  • – Gantry framework support
  • – Helix II framework support
  • – Zo2 Framework
  • – Joomlashine
  • – HD framework
  • – Gavern
  • – Expose
  • – Construct
  • – T3/Zendgrid
  • – Joomlachack
  • – Joomla XTC

**** NOT working ****

  • – YJSG template framework Registration form does NOT work with our plugin

Sale includes:

  • GNU/GPL v.3 license
  • no usage restrictions
  • 1 year subscription
  • 1 year unlimited download access
  • 1 year FREE software updates
  • 1 year support through our forum


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