Mass import & generate users from .csv for Joomla

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First and most complete Mass Users Generator and .CSV import component for Joomla! We save you hours managing you website!

This software offers various features for administrators to generate, create and import login accounts without the need of the front-end registration process.

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Probably the best user administrator tool for Joomla

This components imports users from a .csv file or mass generate users based on email or dynamical values. A re-import of the same .csv file creating only the new records is possible. The component offers multiple import methods:

  • Department style

    Grant website access to your employees/ students/ classes with pre-set userid / username/ usergroup/ passwords/ contact info, uploaded from a .csv file. You have full control of all fields. Re-import and overwiting is possible. Optional the system will automatically sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided.

  • Email based import & generate

    Generate unique user accounts in a pre-defined usergroup from a list of email addresses. Optional the system will automatically sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided.

  • Voucher style

    Generate mass users in a pre-defined usergroup with random email & username but static passwords. Download your login codes in a .csv after generation is finished and print them on a voucher card to deal out on festivals, events etc.

This software saves hours of your time!

  • Import or re-import users from .csv files
  • Import users from .csv files with static userid
  • User import in multiple usergroup(s) possible (department)
  • Directly sent out all login details by email
  • Automatically create contacts in Joomla linked to the user account (department)
  • Dynamic password length & strength options
  • Dynamic username length & strength options
  • Use a username prefix for every different import batch
  • Require user to reset the password on first login
  • Enable/disable user activation login after import

Download all users in a .csv file

Download users in a .csv file for backup or database dump on website migration. Control which users you want to download with Joomla’s advanced search filters.

Support & Upgrades

We offer active support through our forum (preferred), private tickets or email. Updates will be notified through the update managers and can be downloaded in our member section (with active subscription). Client modification is not included in the price.

Sale includes:

  • Clear documentation
  • Example .csv files to start
  • 1 Install/license per domain
  • 1 Year unlimited software updates
  • Support through our forum and tickets