Mass import & generate users from .csv for Joomla

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You have found the ultimate admin tool (User Generator & User Import) component for Joomla. This software offers various features for administrators to generate, create and import login accounts without the need of the front-end registration process.

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Mass import users from .csv or generate user login accounts. The possibilities:

  1. Department style
    Grant access to your employees/ students/ classes with pre-set username/ usergroup/ passwords/ contact info, uploaded from a .csv file. You have full control of all fields.
  2. Voucher style
    Generate mass users in pre-set usergroups with random email & username but static passwords. Download your login codes in a .csv after generation is finished and print them on a voucher card to deal out.
  3. Email based import & generate
    Generate unique and random user accounts in a pre-defined usergroup/ role from a list of email addresses. The system will sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided.
  4. Download Userlist
    Download existing users in a .csv file


  • Mass create users with pre-set or generated username/ password combo’s
  • Import new users from .csv files (200 p/batch max.)
  • Sent out login details (email based)
  • Create contacts in Joomla/Wordpress user manager linked to the user account (department style)
  • Ability to add prefix for username & password (voucher style + email based)
  • Password length & strength options
  • Set import batch in a pre-selected usergroup/ roles
  • Enable/Disable user login after creation
  • Export userlist(s) in .csv
  • Documentation & Example files

Detailed documentation is available within the component package and example .cvs files can be downloaded in the software admin panel.

Support & Upgrades

We offer active support through our forum (preferred), private tickets or email. Updates will be notified through the update managers and can be downloaded in our member section (with active subscription). Client modification is not included in the price.


Although we are selling the plugin under GNU/GPL v3 license you buy it “as is” with no refund policy.

Sale includes:

  • Documentation
  • Example .csv files
  • 1 install/license per domain
  • 1 year unlimited download access
  • 1 year FREE software updates
  • support through our forum


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