With the “end of life” cyclus of Joomla 2.5 in december 2014 every Joomla website must be upgrade to Joomla 3+.

This is not a simple 1-click update but will be a mini migration to install the whole new Joomla 3.* framework. Without the right know-how and migration guiding you will end up with a ‘blank page’ throwing a 500 server error and your website is broken.

Why Migrate?

  • 2.5 has end of life ending 2014, no security updates will be available
  • Joomla 3.* is responsive / mobile friendly as per default
  • Jquery instead of mootools
  • …. and much more
500 error - your website is hacked
Don’t wait too long, your Joomla website is vulnerable with 2.5 installed

Joomla 3.* migration Service

Our migration service will cover the whole process and includes:

  • Update all components/plugins to latest versions
  • Run several migration tests to ensure all works 100%
  • Users & Data migration
  • Template migration
  • Fix compatibility items if needed
  • Upload to live

We work on a copy of your website, leaving your live website original until we are sure the migration works. We can work on any website in any country on any platform.

Starting from € 350,-* we will migrate your Joomla 2.5 website into the latest Joomla 3+ without any hassle. Your website will never go offline and your visitors don’t even notice the migration takes place. You get direct contact with Skype, email or even phone with the programmer who performs the update !!

Please contact us at info@joomapp.com for a quote of your website.

* price depending on size, components, plugins and theme compatibility. Mostly we need between 10 and 30 hours to migrate an average website, template customization (if needed) is excluded in this estimate.